This blog post is taken from the Plywood People blog. It is a review of our Blogger Gathering last night! Great success!

Last night we had a gathering for people who write for their organizations blog or they have their own personal blog. It was a great time getting to know about the writing people in our community are doing, and what some of their hang ups are when they approach it. I wanted to give you a quick recap in case you missed it. Jeff Goins skyped in to give us some helpful tips and we were all vigorously taking notes.

Here are his 4 tips.

1. Blogging is web design.
-If you’re blogging, you’re designing web content. Format your blog posts in quick bite-sized pieces that are easily digestible.
-Create a cadence with your writing that begs readers to read the next line.
-Use short paragraphs and package them well.

2. Own your own platform. [no more .wordpress or .blogspotting it]
-If your platform is free, then you don’t own it.
-When you own the platform you’re using, you’ll take better care of it.

3. Content is not king, relationships are.
-Having great content is a prerequisite, but it’s not THE most important. Having great relationships is.
-Online relationships are the direct result of offline relationships. Cultivate those relationships.

4. Perseverance Wins.
-Online communities are built the same way offline relationships are… With Time and Patience. So give it time and have patience.
-The people leaving a lasting impact are the people who keep showing up.

Jeff shared that his greatest passion for his blog is to help people and solve problems. As you can imagine, we resonated in a huge way with this.

What about you? What tips do you have that could help clarify content being shared? What’s helped you? What could you use some help with?