The other day I asked our Clinical Director, Tracy Busse, to write a guest post. She blew me away when she sent me this. Read about her experience working directly with the girls:
Many times when I am working with the girls at the Victory Program (Wellspring’s girls program) I am reminded of something Melba, a colleague, said when I had just started. The girls were playing a game, laughing with each other, dressed casually, and Melba said, “Look at them, they’re little girls! Just look at how they are playing like little girls.” My eyes misted a little as she said this. I thought about how men had purchased these girls, how police officers treated them like dirt, and how society struggles to see them as anything more than prostitutes.  Even as I write this I get a little choked up.
When I look at these girls I see girls that love to play, they love to sing, and they love to write. I think of a 13 year old girl covered in glitter after a craft project that is truly worthy of being hung on the fridge. After talking with a client about testifying about her pimp she innocently asks if we can get fries from McDonalds on the ride to the Child Advocacy Center.  I am ecstatic when the girls decide they want to have a spirit week just like every other school in America has.
I rarely cry when I hear their horrific stories of abuse; I can’t explain that because the stories are worthy of tears. At this point I find myself getting angry when I hear their stories, I wonder when people will understand what we are doing to our youth and who else will stand up to protect them. The times that I get teary eyed is when they are being little girls. It’s the times when they have water balloon fights, dance contest, and create plays. It’s the times when they press their noses to the window when you walk up to the house and bear hug when you arrive. It’s the times when you watch them at our home getting to recapture a piece of their childhood. As love floods my heart for the girls I pray that the Lord will provide more opportunities for them to be little girls and I pray that the world will love them and treat them like ALL little girls deserve to be treated.