This story blew me away. I felt like a proud mama reading an email from one of our teachers at the girl’s home as she talked about what the girls did for trafficking survivors in India.

Last week we had a volunteer come to share with the girls about her recent trip to India. She talked about the vibrant colors that cloaked the women, the big piercing eyes of the Indian children, the warm, fresh baked naan bread, and her experience working with sex trafficking survivors. The survivors the volunteer worked with were in a program similar to Wellspring Living’s, and in the same healing process that our girls are in currently.

The Wellspring Living girls sat wide-eyed as they listened to stories from across the globe and identified with every single emotion, heartbreak, and struggles as the girls from India.

Just as our volunteer was finishing up with her presentation, she pulled out a beautiful, handcrafted quilt and handmade bracelets for every girl in our program. She said the young girls in India made the quilt and bracelets especially for the girls at Wellspring Living to represent encouragement, love, and support for one another. The girls were smiling from ear to ear as they picked out their own special bracelets and examined the delicate details of the quilt.

They were so encouraged by this act of kindness, that it encouraged them to make posters and bracelets for the girls in India. They gave the volunteer the beautiful treasures to take on her next trip.

Healing took place on that day.

The girls saw they were not alone in this, and girls their own age from across the globe were praying for and encouraging them. It was such a special moment for everyone involved.