A few weeks ago I was bouncing ideas back and forth with a friend about how to improve our blog. Several great ideas and suggestions came out of the conversation. One being an Atlanta-area blogger gathering, and another suggestion was to interview some of our women at the home and anonymously post their responses. I thought that was an excellent idea, so I decided to do it. When writing these posts, my desire is for you to feel an emotional connection to the girls and women you are advocating for. I know many of our advocates and supporters do not have the privilege of personally knowing our women, and my hope is to help bridge that gap. Some of these posts will be short and quirky, and some will be serious and somber. This series will be entitled Our Women Speak, and please keep a look out every Monday for these unique posts. So, here goes the first one:

Last week I had one of our lead therapists ask the women what is their definition of restoration. I asked them to be candid, and to not make it flowery or impersonal. Here are some responses I received:

“Restoration for me means exactly that. Restore. My hopes while I’m here are to learn what I’ve never known, and to get back what I’ve lost, my mind, body, & spirit. I thought I’d lost that forever.”

“While I am here in the program, I feel I need to really work on the areas of my life that needs restored. I pray that God will help me through it. Matter of fact, right this day I know that God will walk with me. When I leave this program I claim in the name of Jesus that God will have done a huge dynamic change in me.”

I love how she said, “matter of fact, right this day I know God will walk with me.” She knows that it is a daily, step-by-step process. It isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun, but there are incredible fruits that come out of this process.

If you’d like to submit a question to ask our women or girls, please post it in the comments section.