This past weekend a coworker and myself traveled up to the rolling hills of Georgetown, Kentucky, to Georgetown College. Our Community Advocacy Manager and head of the Wellspring League, Dana Konick, was one of the main session speakers at Kentucky’s first statewide human trafficking conference.

Community leaders, therapists, professors, students, and rising abolitionists came to learn about the issue of sex trafficking in America and how they can actively participate in the solution.

Several different organizations were represented at this conference, such as Polaris Project, Not for Sale, Kentucky State Representatives, and of course Wellspring Living.

Since awareness of the issue of sex slavery in the U.S. is rising, people are ready to act. They are ready to move past getting their feet wet and move on to activism. One specific way to do that is by calling in Polaris’ hotline if you know of anyone who is being trafficked, have a tip to report, or want to request training, technical assistance, general information or specific anti-trafficking resources. The number is listed below.

National Human Trafficking Hotline


Let’s stop talking about the issue and join in the fight, TODAY.

If you are interested in volunteering for Wellspring Living, please email and we will get you plugged in.