I am excited to say that Wellspring Living is partnering with The Plywood People for a Blogger Gathering on Tuesday, April 10th at 7:30pm. We’ve decided that we want to help foster a community of collaborators with Atlanta-area bloggers. The content below is taken from Plywood’s blog, and includes details for the meet up. Writer and successful Blogger Jeff Goins will be joining us via Skype to talk about success for bloggers and share some of his tips on blogging and writing. Please respond in the comments if you are interested in coming to our gathering! (Include your blog name)

A few weeks ago we started receiving phone calls asking how we curate our blog. It’s got us thinking a lot. Really, we’ve tried to think about what we want, we listen to what people are asking for, and we focus on organizations we care about. In terms of measuring “success” we still have some questions. In talking with some others in the city who are managing blogs, we are realizing that they also have the same questions. We also know of several people who are doing a fabulous job with their blogs and we’ve decided to have a conversation about it.

We’d like to invite you to join us. Are you a writer who would like to talk with other bloggers/writers who are thinking through similar issues as you approach your blog? We’d love to have you join the conversation and share your thoughts and struggles. We’d like to begin to develop a community that is providing some encouragement and accountability to be pursuing the best for our organizations through our blogs.


Tuesday April 10th at 7:30 PM.Plywood Studios: 186 Carroll St. Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30316 [The door just left of Village Pizza.]

Comment if you plan to join us.  We would love to have you.

Already confirmed:

Jessica Smith-            Wellspring Living

Brett Trapp-                Trappster

Deborah Lubbe-        Voice for Girls

Sarah Quezada-        A Life With Subtitles

Kathryn Taylor-        Organ Wise Guys

Melonie Tharpe-       Something in Particular

Ashley Williams-      Catalyst

Marisa Wheatley-     Gift Card Giver

Gisele Nelson-           Plywood People

Matthew Snyder:      Writer. Abolitionist. Creative.