Child Protection and Public Safety Act: PLEASE ACT TODAY!
HB 641 is the Juvenile Justice Code Rewrite and if it does not get through the rules committee today, it will not pass into law this year. This is the third legislative session that has considered this bill and our children need it to pass through! Below is the list of email addresses for the senators on the Rules Committee. Please take a moment to email them asking them to add HB 641 to the calendar. Please include each committee member in your email and contact them before 5pm today:

Your message can sound something like this:

Dear Senator, Please work with your colleagues in the Senate to ensure that HB 641 (the Child Protection and Public Safety Act) is added to the Rules Calendar today. Then, please support its passage by the full Senate. The children of GA who have been commercially sexually exploited need many of the provisions contained in the bill! I am grateful for your support. 

This reminder is from StreetGRACE and A Future Not a Past.  To receive legislative updates regarding HB 641 and other related bills you can visit their websites. Thank you to both organizations for keeping us informed and mobilized!