Imagine for a moment. You are 16 years old with a backpack, journal, and a couple of outfits to your name. You have been lost, forgotten, and abused by all of the people you trusted. Through a grueling process of being arrested and waiting in the jail cell for your sentence, you are suddenly released to a program called Wellspring Living. You are taken to a beautiful home that is warm and welcoming. Your nerves immediately prickle as the small voice in your head echoes that ‘you are not worth all of this’ and ‘these people can’t be trusted.’ You decide to push those thoughts away as a young woman welcomes you in your ‘new room’ and shows your around your ‘new home.’ She has a sweet and tender voice, nothing like the harsh tones of your mother or the fear-evoking words of your perpetrator.

With your hands interlocked by your waste like an iron vice and nerves soothing a tiny bit, you listen to the young woman talk about each item in the room, which was given specifically for you. She picks up sweet-smelling shampoos, beautiful art pencils, and a pink leather-bound book she called the Bible.

These are all for me? You think silently.

I’ve never owned anything this lovely. My mom never had enough money to feed us, much less buy us luxuries. That’s why I ran away. And then I met Mark, who only bought me things that he would turn around and use for bribes or hang over my head to make me feel guilty for wanting to leave.

The young women gently put her hands on my shoulders and squared my slumping body to look her directly in the eyes.

“These gifts are all for you, given to you from people who are praying for your healing. They were especially chosen, marked, and placed here just for you.”

Imagine you were a young girl forgotten and broken, and the first step of your healing was receiving gifts free of charge, with no strings attached.

We have some specific needs for our homes! The list is being updated all the time, but here are some needs you can help us with right now.

  • Feminine products
  • Art supplies
  • Paper products (toilet paper, etc.),
  • Non-radio alarm clocks
  • Healthy snacks
  • Teen Bible studies,
  • Good, high-quality coffee
  • Creamer
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bedroom mirror (NOT full body)
  • Book shelf/storage shelves

If you would like to donate any of these items to Wellspring Living, please email what you would like to donate. Your gifts go further than you could ever imagine!