This blog post is from our Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Battles, about the amazing work Woodstock First Baptist did for our girl’s home over Spring Break.

“I want the rest of my life to be like this week. Freedom is plausible and possible and I can’t wait to see it.”


“I have never been so entirely worn out physically yet so refreshed spiritually.  I love what God is doing in and through Wellspring Living.”


For most college students, Spring Break means rest, relax, and hang out with friends. For 32 college students from Woodstock First Baptist Church, this Spring Break meant something different.

They called it the “The Hands & Feet Tour,” and college pastor Bryan Bailey led the charge with 30 + college students. They headed to Tyrone, GA the first day of their break to spend the next five days working incredibly hard for Wellspring Living.

The students got right to work once they arrived. Dropping their belongings off at Operation Mobilization’s US hospitality center, they headed over to the site for Wellspring Living’s new Empowered Living Project (ELP). These apartments are being renovated for girl who graduate from Wellspring Living and need a safe place to continue healing.

The students were broken up into teams and instructed to begin putting together the furniture for the completed apartments. They began the process of cleaning up for the second phase of the project, cleaning and landscaping the grounds. Another team went to the Wellspring Treasures store in Kennesaw and spent two days helping the store get ready for “Bag Days” (an annual sale held at all the stores.) They processed donations, cleaned, created floor displays and did a great job at making sure their friends knew the store was there! (We love word of mouth advertising!) Three of the girls got to be a part of a life skill class at the girls’ home, discussing life at college and encouraging the girls by sharing that they struggled with all the things they had to do to get into college and the fact two of them pay for college themselves.

Sandy Kimbrough, project leader for the ELP, said this group was one of the hardest working group of volunteers she has ever seen. As the Volunteer Coordinator, I was not only impressed with their hard work but with their attitude as well. And the way they really seemed to grasp that the work they were doing was going to impact the lives of girls moved me very much.

One of the sweetest times for all the students was the time they spent praying over the ELP property. Our President, Mary Frances Bowley, prepared scripture cards for the students and they walked the property, praying.

Praying scripture,

Praying for transformed lives,

Praying protection over the land…

It was incredibly humbling to watch.

To help the students gain a deeper understanding of sexual exploitation in Georgia and to empower them to pray, we arranged a prayer ride through some of the “high-trafficking” areas in Atlanta. Starting and ending at Passion City Church, the “hand of freedom” became a special symbol to the students as they landmarked the beginning and ending of their prayer journey.

We at Wellspring Living cannot express how thankful we are to the students from Woodstock First Baptist for their hard work, amazing attitude, and enthusiasm for the ministry of Wellspring Living! (And they fact they are still tweeting about the week!)

A special thanks to OM USA for providing accommodation as well as to Zaxby’s, Chick-Fil-A and the individuals and small groups that helped feed hungry college students so they could work even more!

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