Wellspring Living has some very exciting news. ::says in quiet whisper::

Wellspring Living is expanding our high-end resale stores to Atlanta. ::says in a more excited tone:: 

Wellspring Living will be opening a new store to help raise funds for our operating costs in ATLANTA!! ::says in an over-excited SCREAM!:: 

For those of you who don’t know, Wellspring Living currently has three upscale resale stores located in Duluth, Peachtree City, and Kennesaw that collect new or gently used furniture, home décor, and clothing for resale. The funds go directly to the operating cost of our organization. We are very excited to say that we are opening a new store in Atlanta in a few short weeks! 

But we need YOUR HELP! We need the help of the Wellspring Living community to rally together and collect high-end furniture, home décor, jewelry, accessories, and designer women’s clothing, that is all in TIP TOP SHAPE!!!

So forget having an estate sale, pick out the designer clothes that you never wear, and donate them to a GREAT cause!!

Contact our Atlanta store manager, Brianna Campbell (bcampbell@wellspringliving.org) and let her know what you have to donate. She can arrange pick up!

Remember, upscale and new/gently used are the key words here! Let’s show Atlanta that our community cares about injustices in OUR NEIGHBORHOOD enough to donate our prize possessions! Let the community come together!

***Store opening and location details coming soon***