This guest post today was written by our Church Development Director, Lauren Vickers. 

Sometimes people don’t realize how glamorized the word ‘prostitution’ and ‘pimp’ is in our society. We throw it about in casual conversation like we are talking about our favorite celebrity or a “fun” activity that 7200 men take part in every month. With this in mind, I heard something this morning on the radio that made me cock my head and crunch my eyebrows in surprise.

During my morning commute I was tuned into my favorite morning radio station. The DJs were talking about different ways celebrities get arrested, and one of the hosts said they’re probably getting arrested for “alcohol or prostitution or anything fun like that.”

Wait, what?

The phrase ‘anything fun like that’ branded in my head like hot glue on a smooth surface. Did she just say prostitution and fun in the same breath?

I’m not here to judge.  I’m hopeful the DJ didn’t realize what they said and didn’t understand that prostitution and fun don’t belong together.  Usually I let something like this go, but for some reason, I couldn’t today.

It. Stuck. With. Me. All. Day.

Why? A few reasons…

During my time as an advocate for Wellspring Living, I’ve grown aware of terms used in Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and trafficking.  I admit I’ve used some of the terms or thought some of the thoughts before myself.  Now, however, I’m more aware.

I’m aware that prostitution (no matter if your 15, 25 or 45) is not FUN!  It’s not a decision you just wake up one morning and do. You don’t decide to let men and women degrade you and your body multiple times a night. Prostitution isn’t fun for the johns who are desperately seeking love, attention and companionship that they pay for it.

Did you know the Annual Pimp Awards is held in Atlanta, GA? Yes PIMP awards.  We award, celebrate and recognize Pimps.  When did Pimps, Pimp Hats, songs about exploiting our girls and women become tolerated?

All day I was trying to really figure out why what the DJ said bothered me so much.  God answered me loud and clear.  He said to lead by example.

Let MY actions speak for those who can’t. 

Let what I do everyday in my car, in my work place, with my family and friends speak for them self.

Let them say that I have been forgiven, that I’m a child of God, that I’m a voice for the voiceless. 

Let me show that I use my sphere of influence to make change to educate and bring awareness to what words like pimp, strip club, prostitute and hooker really mean.

My anger wasn’t so much towards the radio personality whose job it is to be risky and drive ratings.   It was a chance for me to look in the mirror and adjust some of the things that come out of my mouth.