We have been so blessed to have so many guest bloggers lately. Today Dana Konick, our Chairman of the Wellspring League, is our guest blogger. Here are her thoughts about being a young advocate in your community.

The Journey of One Young Professional 

I am a young professional.  Evidently, I’ve been one for quite sometime now.

I never considered myself a “young professional.”  The term always communicated suits, heels, and silk blouses to me.  I thought of bankers, accountants, book editors, and politicians. For the last 10 years of my professional career, my daily garb has required me to be more than mobile. I forced myself in to “crisscross” seated positions on brightly colored rugs and knelt behind 2-foot chairs helping 6-yr olds struggle through the sounds of words like playground and family.  Young?  Sure.  Professional?  That felt more up for debate.  Really though, I was a professional.  I was a “master teacher.”  I had been trained, equipped, experienced, and entrusted with the educational advancement of at least 20 children for 10 years.  Someone must have thought I was doing something right.

Today, I write from a comfy chair, beside a beautifully large window in one of our living rooms here at Wellspring Living for Women.  I’m in my same jeans, my same flats, and even my same oversized cardigan.  But now, I have traded the sounds of laughing (and sometimes crying) children for the sounds of laughing (and sometimes crying) women.

My calling is actually not so different. I’m striving to create good, healthy, and thriving communities.  As a teacher I was actually in “preventative care” and I just didn’t know it.  I was teaching math and reading.  I knew that my students would one day grow up to be adults and I wanted them to be equipped (even as a first grader) with everything they needed to make good choices, to respect their neighbor, to honor their parents, and to do something in their lives that brought them true joy and made them an asset to their communities.  As an employee at Wellspring Living, I’m just working on the other side of things now.  I fight for the stories of restoration to be shared for those women and girls who deserved at least one person in their lives who wanted all the same things for them that I wanted for every 6 yr. old who ever walked through my classroom door.

Some people don’t believe that the sexual exploitation of adults and children in Atlanta will ever end.  “Evil and defilement will always be present,” they say.  But I fight every single day to make sure that even IF that statement WAS true that it won’t be true because of me.

Lord, help us if we ever forget who put us where we are!  I believe that the gifts and the talents of the young professional communities of Atlanta are not merely in existence because our community needs your businesses…our communities need you.  You don’t have to be a human trafficking activist to be a part of making your community better to end modern-day slavery.

Go pick up the trash on the side of the road.

Teach a kid how to fix his bike.

Talk to your neighbor.

Vote for something.

Thank your cashier.

Sit with your own child.

If you win, we all win.  If you improve your community, we all reap the benefits.

Go be young.  Go be professional.  Go Give, Serve, and Advocate.  Just please go do something good and kind, something so generous that it is actually sacrificial.  Young professionals, you are not without power!  In fact, you may very well be the driving force behind all the power we have within Atlanta to no longer be on any map of cities where men, women, or children are brutally raped every day for profit.

In John 10:10 Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”  Let’s help our communities participate in full living!