Matthew Snyder is a great friend of Wellspring Living’s, and a personal friend of mine. He has a strong voice for men standing up for freedom in the Atlanta area, and he is our guest blogger this week. Men, step up to his challenge!

“Well, what can the men do?” I asked. The room fought back at me with blank stares and a deafening silence. No matter how I phrased the question, no one could come up with a clear-cut answer. It just seemed like there was no real way for men to get their hands dirty and fight human trafficking. It seemed like a battle only meant for women.

When I left the country in 2011 to tackle the issue of human slavery in Southeast Asia, I was really hoping that I would find myself strapping on a Kevlar vest, kicking down doors, throwing small children over my shoulders, and running out of seedy brothels with guns blazing. That’s not what happened. I ended up playing with at-risk youth, visiting with families in rural villages, organizing programs and awareness events, talking with American men in Thai bars, and educating hundreds of people worldwide on the issue.

Bryan Mills in the movie Taken, I am not.

So as I sat in that room full of women months ago, I wasn’t discouraged by the lack of their response on the role of men in abolition; I was encouraged to go find it. I think the problem inside of the abolitionist movement isn’t that there isn’t a role for men in fighting human trafficking, I think it’s that it hasn’t been fully recognized.

I was able to speak with several leaders in the abolition movement, presidents of organizations and freedom fighters who are scattered across the nation, and when I asked them what they want men to be doing, you know what they said? They said: we need men who are setting examples.

The world needs men who actually think and act like real men. The world needs men who aren’t insecure, who aren’t making immature decisions because they can’t grow up. The world needs men who truly honor and protect, who hold those around them in the highest regard no matter who they are. The world needs men who build up those around them and create safe environments for others to thrive in.

The world needs men that know who they are.

There aren’t a ton of anti-trafficking organizations that cater to men. If we want men to be examples to other men and to the generations that follow after them, then we need to be building men into those examples. There are thousands of small groups and ministries that specifically target men. But how many of those are men who have rallied together to stand as one on the issue of human trafficking? Very few.

So I had an idea.

The Bible says that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. So what would happen if three men stood together as one force for good? What would happen if three men committed to hold one another accountable to only THINK and ACT in ways that honor and protect women? What would happen if three men did this and then other men noticed? What would happen if the men that noticed wanted to accept the same challenge? And what if a growing generation of boys modeled the example that its predecessors set?

What would happen to the world?

I think everything would slowly and steadily change. The number of girls sexually abused before 18 would go from 1 in 4, to 0 in 4. The number of girls raped on the streets of Atlanta every night would shift from 100 to 0. And the number of men paying for sex each month would drop from 12,400 to nothing. I think we’d actually make a dent in the demand for human sex trafficking.

3N1 MEN is a new initiative challenging men to think and act in ways that honor and protect women through an intentional community of three. The desire is to empower men with the attitude and training that they need to make it happen.

If you’re a man, I want to encourage you to join the tribe of 3N1 MEN by clicking here. It’s as simple as filling out the form.

THREE men united for ONE purpose.

My hope is to see 3N1 MEN grow into a nationwide movement of warriors who rally together because at their core is a thirst for justice and a passion to stand for freedom. If you’re a man and want to fight human trafficking, then you need to begin taking the necessary steps to positively influence the generations after you.

So what are you waiting for? Join the tribe of 3N1 MEN.