We have the tremendous opportunity at Wellspring Living to create an extension of the Wellspring for Girls program. Through the residential program, the girls live in a safe and secure environment where they receive education, therapy and counseling. We are planning an extension of the residential environment where graduates of our program can continue to receive therapeutic care from Wellspring Living staff while living in a renovated apartment complex with other graduates. This way we are empowering them to live on their own, but still providing them with foundational support outside of the residential home to continue healing.

Here’s the thing: this ‘arm’ of Wellspring Living needs a name! We need creative ideas from our social media community on naming this program. If you have any ideas for a program name, please either tag @WellspringLivin on Twitter or post your ideas on our Facebook page and we will choose the best one!

Here are some buzzwords to help with the naming:

  • Extension of the Wellspring for Girls program
  • Continued therapy
  • Empowered living environment
  • Safe foundation
  • Life skills training
  • Safe ease back into society
  • Providing a more independent environment

Thank you for your continued support of Wellspring Living’s online presence. Help launch this social media campaign!