Today’s guest post is by one of our Store Managers, Brianna Campbell.

For those of you who don’t know, Wellspring Living runs three, high-end resale stores called Wellspring Treasures to help with funding the organization. My name is Brianna Campbell, and I currently run the Kennesaw Wellspring Treasures store.

I was studying nonprofit policy and leadership at Georgia State University, and looking for ways to make a difference in the issue of sex trafficking in the city. Throughout my college career, I felt God calling me to work with CSEC victims (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children), and the only organization I could find that was actually doing that in Georgia was Wellspring Living! For every paper that I wrote on the rescue, recovery, or education of victims of sex trafficking, Wellspring Living dominated what little research materials were available on the issue.

From what I could tell, Wellspring Living was leading the way in policy development and implementation. I decided that if I wanted to get involved in the issue in Atlanta, then I needed to engage with Wellspring Living.

After a 4-month internship with Wellspring Living, many volunteer hours at the Victory Program for Girls, and graduation from Georgia State University, I was offered a position on the Wellspring Living staff. They were opening a new store, and they needed a manager. I couldn’t believe everything was coming together! My dreams to work with trafficking victims and at the same time use my college degree were coming true.

Since joining the team in July 2011, my journey in the retail division of Wellspring Living has been an exciting one. While I got to know the Victory Program for Girls pretty well during my internship, I had never experienced what the stores had to offer those seeking a connection with the issue. I thought it would be like any other retail job, but with a warm and fuzzy twist.

I had a lot to learn! I never imagined how much awareness, ministry, and service could take place in a retail setting. I am constantly amazed at how wonderful our volunteers are. The difference between our stores and major corporate stores is the social consumerism aspect; people are shopping for a cause instead of simply fulfilling their wants.

The favorite part of my job is letting people know how they can get involved with Wellspring Living. Wellspring Treasures stores offer advocacy and awareness for the issues of child sexual abuse and exploitation. With this in mind, the stores are the perfect place to “get your feet wet” with Wellspring Living and the CSEC issue.

If you aren’t sure how to get involved, know that shopping is a fun and easy way to get started! We all love a good bargain, and our stores are full of them! Not only do we sell great clothing, home décor, and furniture, but we also have beautiful pieces that the women make themselves in art therapy. Not into shopping? Do some cleaning, and then drop off any gently used items that you want to let go. Every donation makes a difference; our stores wouldn’t survive without them. (Your donation is tax-deductible too!)

Consider shopping, donating, or volunteering at your nearest Wellspring Treasures store (Duluth, Kennesaw, and Peachtree City). I think you will be surprised at how easy it is to contribute to recovery, and you’ll probably find a great deal or two at the same time!