It’s always inspiring to me when young people take a stand for the injustices of this world. We’ve seen it done time and time again when students and young professionals come on the cutting edge of impact on societies. Over the past few months, I have had the chance to learn about a young lady who took it upon herself to collect clothing, feminine necessities, and educational supplies for the girls at Wellspring Living. Her name is Le’Naya Smith, and she is a junior Psychology major at Spelman College.

Le’Naya hosted a collection drive in October for toiletries, a drive in January for winter items, and will be having a clothing drive in April. All of the items collected have been and will be delivered right to the girls of Wellspring Living!

“I noticed that a lot of organizations and people were bringing awareness to the issue of sexual exploitation in Atlanta, but no one was doing anything about it. I wanted to help the girls who have gone through traumatic events at such a young age by meeting their specific needs.”

-Le’Naya Smith, 20 years old

She started the SISTERS Project, where she rallied her Spelman ‘sisters’ to help promote the campaign, collect the items, and deliver them to the girls. Le’Naya also has the incredible support of her advisor, Ms. Elizabeth Rountree, who helps with the logistics of the project.

Another interesting project Le’Naya wants to do in the future is plan activities with the girls to help them learn to enjoy the company of other young woman. These girls have always been in such intense situations that it is often hard for them to relax and enjoy ‘normal’ activities with girls their own age. Le’Naya and the girls from the SISTERS Project want to help bridge that gap by creating safe and fun environments for the girls.

“I took it upon myself to bring about change instead of just awareness.”

Le’Naya Smith

While awareness is imperative to bringing freedom to these girls and women, we have to have people who act on the awareness and do something about it. Le’Naya is a great example of someone who saw the injustice in her city and took action to rectify it. We should all take notes from this twenty something and the powerful testimony she is leaving behind!

If you would like to help Le’Naya with her project or donate items, please email her: