Last month I asked our Regional Store Coordinator for the Wellspring Treasures stores to write a blog about her experience working for Wellspring Living. Her name is Kathleen Kennard, and she honestly is a ray of sunshine in our office. She has spunky red hair that matches her bright and fiery personality. Almost every morning that I saunter over to my cubicle, I find a piece of chocolate, a cute mug, or cheery note from Kathleen stating her appreciation for me. So here is a little insight into her heart for the ministry. Thanks Kathleen!

Hello Friends and Family—

January is always a special month for me because it marks another year at Wellspring Living. January 2012 marks my fifth year working for this organization.  Who would have thought that coming to one of our Wellspring Treasure Stores looking for a dining room table would lead to a full-time job? I didn’t get the dining room table, but I did get a hand full of clothes to sort and a job offer.

I soon learned, that once you get involved with a nonprofit organization, the organization gains your whole family.  This meant my husband Chuck was labeled the maintenance and repair division (only person-heehee) picking up furniture and doing repairs at the store.  Our 17-year-old daughter Kaitlin travels with me from store to store to hang, tag, steam clothes, dress mannequins and do whatever mom says. I say she has to earn that car she’s driving by doing good deeds.

When Wellspring Living was in the process of renovating one of the girls cottages, both my daughter and husband helped. Kaitlin was assigned to painting a wall and Chuck was doing something with power tools (You know he was happy!).  I remember this next little bit as if it happened yesterday. I had my day off, and my family wanted to take me to the cottage to show me what they did. Walking down the hallway my daughter all of a sudden leaned against the wall waving her arms up and down like an angel saying, “Look what I painted!!” She was so proud and I couldn’t have been more proud of her, my angel.

Working with Wellspring Living has opened my eyes in so many ways.  Yes we hear about the starving, homeless and orphaned, but we hardly hear anything about girls who have been abused and trafficked. Thanks to our founder Mary Frances Bowley, there is much more awareness.

While driving to FL for Christmas I spent most of the nine hours reflecting on my life with my daughter.  Of course at 17 she’ll say she’s a ‘big girl now’ (sure Kaitlin). I couldn’t imagine my life without my daughter and couldn’t imagine her being in a destructive lifestyle.  Even at 17, I hear about girls at school that are pregnant or a girlfriend that ran away with her boyfriend, which a lot of the time leads to being trafficked. I can’t imagine that happening to my girl.

Being with Wellspring Living and having the opportunity to be with the women, the girls, and attend my first Victory Graduation, I just know that good things will happen if we all believe that we are helping to make a difference. Making a difference one girl or woman at a time.

I’m so proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization. I know we are team players all working for the same goal: save our girls and women from destructive lifestyles.

Just know ladies you are loved!!

Kathleen Gallagher Kennard