Passion 2012 Freedom!

Did you know that over 27 million people are caught in slavery at this moment, in this day and age?  Did you know that more people are enslaved today than ever in history? Those statistics were shocking for me to hear, and I work for a non-profit who helps restore victims of human trafficking, and see, hear, and discuss this issue everyday.

Thanks to the work of the Passion 2012 staff, 44,000+ college students are now aware of this issue, and have already financially invested in organizations that are fighting to free slaves of human trafficking. These students spent all last week reciting dangerous prayers that they would be the generation to end slavery. Is this possible? Is it possible that college students and young professionals can be a part of freeing 27 million people? I think so. And they’ve already given over 3.6 million dollars towards combating the issue.

So you’re a college student who went to #Passion2012. You’ve given your whole Waffle House budget already to the cause, so what’s next? How can you participate in the fight beyond your dollar? Just as Louie Giglio said at the last session, we need people in all professions to partner with us. We need lawyers, bankers, managers, bloggers, filmmakers, and so many more industries to agree to be part of the solution.

Here are some ways you can get involved NOW:

  1. Start a League of Advocateson your college or university campus.
    1. Wellspring Living has a Wellspring League, a branch of young professionals in Atlanta who are using their jobs and skills to combat sex trafficking in Georgia. We want to replicate that on university campuses.
    2. We are creating a Wellspring University League for college students, training them to be advocates right where they are, on their own college campuses. We will help you plan awareness events, give you tools and resources to educate your campus, and provide speakers for those events. Contact Merridith at to learn how to get involved.
    3. Be a part of the solution and pioneer a University League for victims of sex trafficking! Leave a legacy behind you for the coming students to be a part of!
    4. Follow Wellspring Living’s social media networks, retweet, repost, and ‘like’ us on Facebook. @WellspringLivin @wsleagueatlanta
      1. If you have an influential blog, write about us! Write about the organizations, people, or groups who are doing something to end slavery and advocate from your platform.
      2. Start a social media campaign within your realm of influence and educate people. Start letting people know that slavery still exists and show them reliable resources. This is a great place to start: Wellspring Living Resource Page

You have been educated; you have financially invested; now it’s time to invest your time, resources, and skills!