When most of us think about the holidays, we think about a warm, crackling fire, or marshmallows melting in a cup of hot chocolate. Watch any holiday classic, and you quickly realized Christmas movies focus on family connections. For most of our girls, this picture is not what they have experienced in holidays past.

For this blog, please take a minute and read some thoughts from the women and girls we serve; hear their heart’s cry.

From our President Mary Frances Bowley:

If you were to talk with one of the girls or women we serve about being home for the holidays, these would reflect many of their responses:

Actually, I can never go home for the holidays. It was my family who sold me. I wish I could be like everyone else and have a warm & loving family to go home to…

Are you kidding? I can’t go back there; my perpetrator is still in that town. If he saw me, he would definitely come after me, and who knows what could happen? He was pretty mad that I escaped him.

Oh I wish my family wanted me to come home for Christmas, but they don’t. Christmas is the hardest time of the year for me. It makes me feel so alone.

Am I supposed to know where home is? I don’t remember ever being at home. I’ve been in eleven foster homes, and I am only fifteen.

Wellspring Living seeks to help young women and girls begin a new life and reunite them with their family or find a new family. This would not be possible without significant prayer, dedicated staff and volunteers, and generous donors.  At this time of the year, it is important for us to remember that these girls and women need our compassionate support.  Please join me in doing whatever it takes to see that each woman and girl can begin to make new memories for the rest of her life.

Please visit our donate page if you are interested in financially contributing to Wellspring Living this giving season.


Mary Frances