Photographs can evoke so many emotions at one time. You look at your wedding photo, and instantly you are brought back to those warm and fuzzy feelings when your spouse could do no wrong. You flip through a couple of photos with you in your cap and gown, and you feel accomplished, and that sense of dignity returns.

For 2011 Gala, we wanted to create a unique experience for the attendees that evening, so we decided to hire two photographers.

Mike Darling: Mike is an award-winning professional photographer who desires to put his clients first in everything he does. He has had a camera in his hands for the past 23 years, and started shooting professionally five years ago. Mike is donating his time to shoot the education-themed photo booth (think giant pencils, letterman’s jackets, and jumbo-sized books) at the Gala, and has shot for Wellspring Living before.

Hunter Smith: Although Hunter is a young photographer, his creative eye for unique shots and clever angles make you think otherwise. He shot this year’s 5k, and is donating his time and craft to shooting the 2011 Gala. His specialties include shooting dancing, portraits, and events.

We want to thank our photographers for supporting Wellspring Living is this creative way, and encourage people to come and enjoy this unique aspect of the Gala.