I pulled into the Star 94 parking lot bright and early at 7:13 this morning for the interview with our President, Mary Frances Bowley, on the Cindy & Ray Show.

For those of you who spent the better half of last Friday morning voting for Cindy on the 11 Alive Radio Hosts Contest, you can rest your tired fingers and know that even though we didn’t win, it was ALL WORTH IT. Let me recount to you the ways we ‘won:’

Literally THOUSANDS more people know about Wellspring Living and the issue of human trafficking in Georgia.

The Cindy & Ray Show invited Mary Frances Bowley to be a part of their show this morning.

The three anonymous matchers have come forward and are still going to donate to Wellspring Living, equaling over $3,000.

The Star 94 team is taking a station wide collection for Wellspring Living, in addition to the $3,000 already donated. They are hoping to find another matcher for the grand total.

As you can see, there is a greater reward than winning the contest, and Star 94 is making that happen through immense advocacy and donations. Thank you again to the Star 94 team, for giving a voice to our girls. There is such power in your advocacy.

If you missed the interview with our President on the Cindy & Ray Show, listen here.   

Cindy Simmons and Mary Frances Bowley.