They say today that the Internet is the new ‘street’ for prostitution and human trafficking. Men are no longer putting their girls out on the physical streets for display; they are posting their pictures on sites such as Craigslist and to advertise. It’s a lot safer for these traffickers to advertise online than out in public for the authorities to see.

To be honest, I didn’t see how powerful this connection was until I started writing this blog. Yahoo! sponsored the Wellspring Living 5K this year, and is a current sponsor for the 2011 Gala coming up next Friday. One of our resident League members, Lauren, is up to her elbows in involvement with Wellspring Living and has been a tremendous asset to our organization. She is in sales at Yahoo, and has turned the company into an advocate for human trafficking victims. She is smart, articulate, and has a very creative mind for charitable business. We are honored to have her be a part of our Wellspring Living team.

The power behind this relationship is the incredible influence Yahoo! has as a multinational Internet corporation. They are standing up against sex slavery by using the trafficker’s own weapon, the Internet. This has a powerful ripple effect and calls into accountability other corporations to stand up and do the same.