There is nothing I love more than seeing Corporate America getting involved in addressing social needs and abolitionism. Especially when you can find no viable connection from the business to the social issue, but a bridge is still formed in a creative and generous way. For Wellspring Living, the Jim Ellis Automotive Dealership did just that, and is currently our major sponsor for the 2011 Gala.

When clicking through Jim Ellis’ website, I came to find out that this automotive-ignorant girl really enjoyed exploring their site. Aside from being incredibly generous and an advocate for victims of human trafficking, they are highly creative, engaging, and place a huge concentration on family values.

Jim Ellis himself grew up working with his family on a farm, held down a milk and paper route, and had a small concessions business at Grant Park. Throughout his young professional career, he worked the gamut of jobs including working as a prison guard, selling insurance and real estate, and served two years in the U.S. army. Years later, Jim Ellis and his wife Billie “took the biggest plunge of their lives to establish their own automobile dealership” (taken from Jim Ellis website). Currently, the dealership has three generations of Ellis’ working everyday in the office, and they hope to bring the fourth generation in soon.

Their 40th Anniversary is this year, and I hope you will honor the generous donation they have made to Wellspring Living by attending the 2011 Gala and purchasing your next vehicle from your friendly Jim Ellis Dealership.