This past Friday I had the privilege of taking a good friend of mine to the Wellspring Women’s Home for a night of carving pumpkins and baking pies. Debra contributes financially to Wellspring Living every month, and I wanted to give her a chance to see what she is investing in.

As we entered the home, we were met with smiles and the smell of leftover dinner welcoming us in for the night. I was a little apprehensive about the project, not really knowing any of the women well or if they even liked carving pumpkins. Come to find out, some of them had never carved pumpkins before in their life, and were excited to try.

After we crafted our scary ghouls and friendly faces on the gourds, we sat around the kitchen table and chatted.  It was at this point when the evening shifted and I really began to relax and enjoy my time there.

The women shared their struggles, brought out pictures of loved ones, and talked about their dreams. Some wanted to be make-up artists. Some wanted to study criminal justice and one day help girls who have been abused or trafficked. Some just wanted to be moms and love their children unconditionally. These are simple dreams, but here is the difference: Wellspring Living has given them the ability TO dream.

If you are a financial investor, volunteer, prayer supporter, or advocate for Wellspring Living, you are actively participating in giving these women a right to dream. That is a critical piece to why we do what we do.

The night ended and Debra and I got in my car and prepared to drive home. As she buckled her seat belt, I looked at her and said,

That is what you are investing in. Those women, their lives, dreams, and healing is what you are investing in when you contribute every month.”

As I’ve said before, meeting them and witnessing the transformation taking place in these women’s lives changes everything you think about your financial investment. So I encourage you to learn about what we do here at Wellspring Living, and honestly contemplate investing in our organization.

Looking for a way to take immediate action? Come to our Recreate Her Future Gala on 11.11.11 and learn more about Wellspring Living, specifically our education programs. There will be live jazz, dinner, personal testimonies from our girls, and a walk-through experience.

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