Invitation: Join a group of social innovators to talk about how ‘what you do’ can help address a social need.

Attendees: Atlanta social innovators, creatives, non-profit workers, business owners, and graduate students.

Results: Great ideas and comments; room for creative communication.

Warm coffee, sugary pastries, and the trendy atmosphere of the Plywood People loft set the tone for the Plywood Morning earlier today. The platform for discussion was centered on Andy Brophy’s Love Gives Way campaign, and his collaboration work with Wellspring Living. The event was a tremendous success, highlighting the partnership, collaborative efforts, and goals of the campaign.

Andy talked candidly about his fears in launching any new creative idea, and the bumps that he has faced along the way. Dana Konick, Wellspring Living’s Project Manager, talked about how encouraging it is to see someone taking a tremendous sacrifice to help advocate for Wellspring Living and financially support our girls.

Plywood People also wrote a blog discussing the morning in greater detail, of which you can find here. They shared two very important questions that were discussed this morning:

  1. What is something you’ve learned from working on a collaborative project?
  2. What is something you can do to make Wellspring Living and ONENINE Image’s campaign a success?

What do you think? Do you have a creative venue to help Wellspring Living?

The next Plywood Morning is Thursday, November 17th, and will be hosting Bob Lupton, author of Toxic Charity . Bob will be discussing what makes charity toxic and what ought to be done to actually create life-altering change. Purchase tickets here.