Sometimes I forget that prayer is powerful. Sometimes I forget that getting on your knees sends a mighty ripple effect throughout the spiritual realm, and can cause your life to take a major change in course.

I was reminded of that this week.

For me, this week has been nothing short of hectic, trying, stretching, and down right frustrating. It’s been one of those weeks where everything starts catching up with you, and you realize that you’ve been carrying a load that was not meant for you to be carrying.

It’s like when I’m getting ready to walk out the door to go to work, and I think I can carry my laptop, my lunch, my full coffee mug, my purse, my week’s work-projects, and a piece of dry toast all at the same time. Generally at this point my brother will be walking downstairs to leave for school, give me a quizzical look, and calmly say, “Do you need help?” In my mind I’m thinking, No I don’t need help. I’ve totally got this. I may drop a couple of important papers, spill a little coffee on my tights, and have to put it all down to get my car keys out, but I’ve got this. And so patiently, my brother will look at me understandingly and take off one item at a time; my burdens getting lighter and lighter until I can walk uprightly again.

This is such a simple picture of the Lord. He looks down at us carrying our burdens all by ourselves, and watches the weight hold us down. He so gently asks us, “Do you need help?” and more often than not we desperately need help, but are unwilling to simply ask Him. We don’t want to believe that we have needs, and that those needs can only be met by the hand of a mighty Father.

This blog is a simple ask for help. God has blessed Wellspring Living with a heavy responsibility to care for these girls and women, but we need His mighty hand in everything we do. We need prayer.

Prayer for the restoration of our girls.

Prayer for our staff for discernment in making decisions and planning ahead.

Prayer for upcoming events and grant proposals.

Prayer for our Wellspring Living stores and volunteers.

Prayer for our board.

We cannot function without the body of Christ surrounding us and praying for provision. Please join us in prayer for every aspect of our ministry, and then wait and see what God does.