We live in an era of innovators, creatives, and dreamers. A blog I posted awhile back was devoted to describing a conference I attended with a room filled with people seeking to use their unique gifts to change the world. Most of these people had something in common: they were all young professionals. They weren’t mega millionaires or businessmen with 30+ years of experience. They were Atlanta-area photographers, twenty-something year old entrepreneurs, missionaries, newly graduated business students, and social media advocates; but most importantly they were people with a voice.

Generation X is coming on strong in corporate America, and they are leveraging some really creative ideas to launch social change in Georgia, the United States, and the world.

With this in mind, a group of young advocates in Atlanta wanted to come up with a more strategic way to serve Wellspring Living, by creating the Wellspring League. The League is a junior board of sorts, composed of young professionals in Georgia. The mission of the league is to “inspire our surrounding community to take action against the crime of childhood sexual exploitation through education, communication and providing opportunities to give, serve and advocate through Wellspring Living.”

Dana Konick, the new pioneer rallying these fearless advocates, and her team plans their monthly meetings, awareness events, and advocacy efforts. She is smart, well networked in the Atlanta community, and an innovator for promoting involvement with Wellspring Living for this age group. The League holds open meetings the third Wednesday of every month at The Lodge at Peachtree Presbyterian Church. If you have a passion for social change but don’t know how to use your talents and skill set to initiate that change, I would recommend you attend one of their meetings. You will be surrounded by people who can help you bridge the gap between vision to reality. Email Dana at dkonick@wellspringliving.org for more information.