People inspire me. Ideas, dreams and inspirational messages tug at my heart, but the people who actually execute those dreams are the ones I raise my glass to. While working in the non-profit and ‘missions’ realm I have met a lot of people who want to change the world. The difference with these people is they are changing the world. Not by raising millions of dollars or making drastic lobbying efforts, but by using their skills, professions and connections to invest in someone other than themselves.

The person I would like to showcase in this blog is someone who is taking small steps in his everyday life to make change. He is a photographer by day, a husband and super dad by night. His name is Andy Brophy, and he is a local Atlanta photographer for OneNine Images who has decided to use his craft to help rehabilitate women and girls who have been sexually exploited in Georgia. His platform for his photography is ‘to create to restore,’ and in chatting with him about this belief he told me he “just happens to be a photographer right now in life and is choosing to use that as a platform to bring about restoration.” Don’t you just love that? It sounds so simple and matter-of-fact to him. Much like ‘of course I would use what I do to help others in need. Do we have any other choice?’ That is the kind of attitude that propels dreams into realities and advocates for real change in this world.

Since becoming a full-time photographer in September 2010, Andy has had the opportunity to travel to India and Cambodia to shoot for organizations working to prevent human trafficking. Seeing the issue of commercial sexual exploitation worldwide, Andy quickly came home with a passion to help eradicate this issue in his home city.

Partnered with his supporting wife Jenica, these two dreamers came up with the Love Gives Way campaign which is crafted around the wedding photography package. Andy’s idea for the campaign came about when he looked at what the wedding day stood for. It is set apart for the couple to celebrate a loving relationship and solidify their commitment towards each other. Recognizing that, OneNine Images came up with the idea to use this day of celebration as a platform to shed light and impact the everyday lives of these girls who are trapped in the world of sex trafficking. Andy notes in his blog that the hope is one day these girls may be restored and someday experience what true love looks like.

So here’s how it works. The official Love Gives Way package is $3,000, with $2,500 paid to OneNine Images and $500 donation paid to Wellspring Living. This package includes:

•   One photographer and one assistant

•   One Hundred 4×6 prints, Two 5×7 prints, One 8×10 print

•   Unlimited time

•   Online password protected proofing gallery

•   Disc of high res images

•   Love Gives Way t-shirts for the couple

•   Custom made pieces of jewelry by Mickey Lynn

•   Two 4”x4” wedding books

Andy is hoping to book 30 official Love Gives Way weddings for 2012, totaling a $15,000 donation to Wellspring Living. Cindy Simmons from the Cindy and Ray Show on Star 94 is the first official bride to kick off this campaign and is thrilled to be working with such a visionary.

Andy is a creative who is willing to step out of his normal, everyday photography career to create images to restore a girl’s life. In the process of doing this he is inevitably changing a young girl’s life forever. Wouldn’t it be exciting to be a part of that?

For more information on Andy and his photography, check out his website. 

Here are some of his photos from India: