Like any true American, food is the way to my heart. If you talk to me about light and fluffy biscuits, cheesy Mediterranean pizza or a thick slice of moist chocolate cake, my mouth will instantly salivate. (It actually did thinking about those appetizing treats) Most of the time when I go out to dinner, its time to fellowship with friends, celebrate major life milestones, or simply treat myself to delicious food prepared and cleaned up by someone else. Eating out with friends and family is one of my favorite ways to socialize. Knowing that, what if we could make the dining experience about something bigger? What if we could combine something we love with helping stop something we hate? Well, my friends, I am here to tell you that you can. Yes, you can go out for a scrumptious bite with your friends and at the same time support what Wellspring Living is doing to help rehabilitate women who have been trafficked in Georgia.

grace1720 is a restaurant in Norcross, GA, striving to make a difference in their community from the grassroots level. Looking to celebrate their 7th anniversary as a well-loved, American-style cuisine restaurant, grace 1720 is looking to celebrate a little differently this year. They have started an innovative campaign called Make a Difference Mondays where they choose a local charity to highlight and support for an entire month. During the month of August, grace 1720 will donate 10% of their Monday profits to sponsor Wellspring’s 5K race on September 17th. Owner Terry Johnson states that his vision for the restaurant is “to provide a great dining experience for our guests, to create an environment that uplifts and inspires, and to give back in a tangible way to the community.” He gets it.  As a brand, grace 1720 has embodied this mentality and is using their Make a Difference Mondays campaign to spur community involvement in charitable efforts. While grace is a pioneer for this kind of ‘give back’ mentality, companies all over are starting to catch on to this charitable trend. People have bought into the fact that helping is a good thing and needed in this day and age, which is exciting.

As we change to this pattern of thinking, we begin to look to the needs of others above our own. And frankly, with the Make a Difference Campaign, our need for a banana’s foster baked turnover can happily coincide with our want to change the world. Come out for a tasty bite!



at The Forum

5155 Peachtree Pkwy

Suite 320

Norcross, GA 30092

Lunch or dinner

***10% of the proceeds go to Wellspring Living’s 5K race on September 17th!***